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  • Leather puppetry is a traditional art and one of the oldest art forms in India.
  • These are shadow puppets which are flat figures cut out of leather treated to a translucency.
  • They are pressed against the screen and appear as a silhouette or color shadow to the viewers sitting on the other side of the screen.
  • They are made from goat skin and other hides that absorb color easily.
  • The characters are then drawn on the skin, cut out and decorated with dots, lines and holes.
  • They are painted in different colors, using the mural style of painting.

  • We do supply puppets that can be used as wall hanging images, a cover shade for lamps, can be given as a gift, also serves as decorative images at your dwelling areas, restaurants, and other desired centres.


  • We have huge collections of handmade wire and cloth dolls like
  • Japanese dolls
  • Indian marriage procession dolls
  • Dances of India
  • Kashmiri flower girl
  • Theme depicting dolls – Ramayana, Krishna Avatar, Mahabharata

  • We also supply other desired collections upon orders.



  • Egg decorating is the art or craft of decorating eggs.
  • It is quite a popular art/craft form because of the attractive, smooth, oval shape of the egg.
  • Any bird egg can be facilitated in this process.
  • Goose, duck and hens' eggs are usually "blown" - a hole is made in each end and the contents are blown out.
  • The egg is then either carved, dyed, painted, appliqued or otherwise decorated (using a number of different techniques).
  • Some eggs, like emu or ostrich eggs, are so large and strong that the shells may be carved without breaking.


  • The Indian Tribal Art, as well as some forms of Folk Indian Art attract high demand worldwide
  • These artists are interpreters of some common joint cultural partitions.
  • The undisputed quality of some of these works shows that the interpretation is considered as a creative act by itself.
  • Some of the creations are: Aboriginal Art Paintings, African Art, Lanna Art, Madhubani Paintings, Mithila Art, etc.


  • A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two intersecting lines or bars, usually perpendicular to each other.

  • We are the suppliers of MARBLE and black stone images of CROSS and other desired related images.